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Corinne Kraft - Graphic Designer

Do you want to create a lasting impact on your target audience?

I possess the capability to provide your company, brand, and product the appropriate eye-catching appearance.

The range of services I provide extends from logo design and letterhead design to the development of complete corporate design including increasing website and social media presence.

Upon obtaining my degree in graphic design in Switzerland, I have worked with various agencies to gain as much experience as possible and to hone my skills within my field. I have resided in Key West, Florida in 2015 and since 2020 in Beaufort, South Carolina and have continued my work.

In 2013, I created my own company and have since been utilizing my expertise in the fields of advertising, design, and digital media. I take pride in developing custom made, up-to-date solutions, and vivid designs for large and small companies.

My company NEAT exemplifies my approach to graphic design. I incorporate neat, clean, and precise methods to my designs. I value a close partnership with my clients and maintain an uncomplicated, fast, and reliable approach to project management.

With cooperation from my competent partners, you are provide a tailor-made complete package for your needs ranging from the restaurant, nightlife, athletic, cosmetic, and medical industries.  I strive to create an appearance tailored to your target audience.

Let's work together.

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